We are a Carnauba Wax refining industry installed in the industrial district of Maracanaú, State of Ceará, Brazil. We provide Carnauba Wax in liquid form and in flakes. Our national and international expertise stands out for offering a natural product of high quality standards. It is prepared respecting every level of the market production chain, especially, to the environment.

When you purchase our Carnauba Wax, you will receive a product of outstanding quality. We carry laboratory control from the selection of raw materials to the packaging for delivery. Each step of the production is recorded, which enables the traceability of the information regarding the process. Our investments in technology express our commitment to control and constant improvement of the physic-chemical characteristics of the products.

We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of industrial process. It is why we established ourselves in an appropriate area for such activity, reducing impacts to the community as well as to the environment. We use natural gas as fuel, for its burning results in lower emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, compared to the combustion of other energy sources usually employed by other industries.

In order to add value to our Carnauba Wax, our clients contribute to the preservation of the caatinga – cradle of carnauba tree – and for the neutralization of carbon emitted in the process. The “Caatinga Association” (www.acaatinga.org.br) a nonprofit civil entity that promotes conservation and educative actions for sustainable use of this biome.

The partnership between Natural Wax and “Caatinga Association” benefits our customers. By giving them the opportunity to be a maintainer of the caatinga – for every 5 tons purchased they adopt 1 hectare (for the period of 1 year) at the Natural Reserve of the National Patrimonial Serra das Almas, located in Crateús, Ceará. On behalf of the client, it is issued a certificate of maintainer of the “caatinga”.

Since 2005 we give continuity to the production parameters and responsability of SC Johnson, American company founded in 1886 and installed in Ceará for refinement of carnauba wax in 1937. The carnauba with guaranteed purity, prepared in our reactors in process rigorously monitored by quality control system and good manufacturing practices, continues to be input to SC Johnson, today our client.

Our Director, Edgar Gadelha leads Natural Wax aiming at the improvement of industrial processes, the expansion and improvement of production, as well as the sustainable development of the business of Carnauba.

We integrate “The Ceará State Carnauba Wax Refiners Association” (Sindicarnaúba – www.sindicarnauba.org.br) and partake “The Carnauba Sectoral Chamber”, which main purpose it to support the industry’s actions composed by representatives of rural producers, refiners and public agencies. This way, we support research into botanical species, combating invasive species, environmental conservation and reforestation, technological innovation and industrial processes of extractivism. Besides actions aimed to generating jobs and income, social activities, cultural and educational amidst the productive chain of carnauba wax.

The concepts of sustainability and innovation are applied to the productive processes and relationships in our everyday work in Natural Wax. Cherish to establish fair and lasting business relationships based on trust and transparency, with customers, employees, suppliers and local communities involved in the various stages of production and consumption of carnauba wax.

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